Principal Insights Analyst

If you’re here, it’s because you’re on the lookout for something remarkable, right? A fresh array of skills, an invigorating challenge, or perhaps a whole new professional journey to embark upon. While the job market is brimming with opportunities, what we present is unique. Take a moment to delve into our job description—it’s the authentic representation of the incredible analyst we’re eagerly anticipating to join our team.


We’re seeking a seasoned Principal Insights Analyst! If you’re a trailblazer in analytics and adept at building technical analytics functions we invite you to join our journey. 

As the technical luminary of our analytics function, your mission is to shape technical decisions and elevate team talent. Do you want to guide a team with your analytical prowess? Join our cause in making data and insights a cornerstone of every decision in EFG.

What awaits you? Following the acquisitions in 2022, a distinctive opportunity has emerged to seamlessly bring together the diverse platforms, tools, and business models of the companies now under the umbrella of EFG. This presents the opportunity to craft a cutting-edge unified analytics platform, setting the stage for innovation and synergy.


EXPECTATIONS (Responsibilities)

  • Own your domain
    • Ask all the whys, relentlessly, until you know the business and analytics needs inside-out and know you’re providing the right solution to our problems.
    • You understand the unique data ecosystem that comes with every business domain and have opinions on best-in-class tools and practices for each
    • Proactively, continuously, think forward, and lead your business partners to the right decisions to meet our wider organization goals.
  • Excel as a Principal Data Analyst
    • Lead the development of data products (dashboards, data models, and analysis) that solve high-impact business problems and drive value.
    • You understand the dangers of oversimplifying complexity and can masterfully guide others to avoid jumping to conclusions through data.
    • Connect the dots between the data and the business, generate hypotheses, and test them to create insights that enhance business decisions.
    • Inspire, teach, and guide your fellow team members. Form best practices and take the time to explain your thought process. When words aren’t effective you change your method of delivery, you know when to draw a picture and when to deliver an infographic.
  • Serve as the technical analytics expert for the team
    • You know that each challenge has multiple solutions and can always give advice on which is best.
    • Exemplify a deep understanding of the data ecosystem by addressing the needs of the business and creating technical plans of action.
    • Be the person our team turns to when they need advice, the SME who has every technical answer at their fingertips and supports the team with their understanding.
    • Work in an agile software development environment to consistently deliver analytical solutions
    • Provide in-depth peer review of other analyst’s code to recommend optimizations that make the best use of your knowledge of SQL functions ranging from Basic (joins, where, having, group by) to Advanced (advanced aggregate functions, window functions, stored procedures, etc)
    • Implement best data modeling practices to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and scalability across various business contexts.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in designing and implementing dashboards that effectively communicate key metrics and insights to stakeholders.
  • Personify our DNA
    • Help inspire, develop, and guide your team members to be the best that they can be. You understand that teaching your team how to fish will help them here and in their careers.
    • Be the heart-first, people-first team member everyone wants to be around because you have invested in building relationships.


  • Analytics
    • You are familiar with the analytics maturity model and have worked in organizations that demonstrate different levels of maturity. You’re able to take this knowledge and apply it to your current organization to lay out the current state and future work required to advance to the upper echelons of analytics maturity.
    • You’ve built data solutions (dashboards, queries, data models) to answer key questions in the business, this is demonstrated by experience in calculating & measuring company KPIs, product funnels, user journeys, acquisition, churn, profitability metrics, and ROIs for multiple business units
    • You’re an expert in seeking, defining, and calculating metrics that run a business and making them available to all. Your experience is solidified by your ability to separate between a vanity metric and a KPI.
    • You’re able to see the patterns and trends in data; you know what story it tells, and how it correlates with the business. These patterns or insights are present regularly at all levels of management to influence decisions.
  • Stakeholder management
    • You think like a product/ business analyst when delivering insights by having a critical view of what a business partner needs to know to make a decision and drive an initiative.
    • You’re biased to action and understand the need to consistently ship deliverables to stakeholders
    • You are an excellent communicator who loves explaining important insights in simple terms. You can synthesize multiple streams of data into actionable communication that will drive C-level decisions.
    • You’re comfortable helping non-data people interpret data and passing on your skills so they can improve their data literacy.
  • Technicals
    • You’re a trailblazer. Your work experience can be recounted with many stories of, “I built the first X on my team”.
    • You’ve used different warehouses and understand the differences and impact each tool has, such as; tool-specific syntax, cost models, performance, integrations, and data storage formats (columnar vs. row-based).  Experience in Big Query and Snowflake is preferred.
    • You know that just because a query is compiled it doesn’t mean it’s done, you understand SQL & data retrieval concepts deeply enough to use query optimization engines to optimize the speed and accuracy of your results.
    • You’ve deployed and scaled company-wide BI solutions that must consider technical BI concepts such as; dashboard performance, data governance, ETL processing, scalability, and security/access control. Experience in Looker and Tableau is preferred, and Power BI is a nice-to-have.
    • You’ve deployed multiple centralized data models/ data marts and are familiar with the core concepts of data modeling such as; facts vs dimensions, entities, cardinality, normalization, relationships, Kimball vs Inmon, and grain. Experience with DBT is preferred.
    • You’ve regularly practiced concepts of business statistics with a focus on descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, probability distributions, time-series analysis, forecasting, and multivariate analysis. Bayesian and predictive analytics (decision trees and random forests) are nice-to-have.


  • When we say a “team player” we mean it – you have a crisp high-five and funny stories to tell. You have your team’s back, and the team has yours.
  • You believe in a blameless culture, your version of problem-solving is finding the root cause, the best solution, and building it as a team.
  • Past experience in the Esports/Gaming/Betting/Events industry would be a great asset.
  • You love learning new things: You know that there’s always more to learn. You’re up-to-date on new trends in data – you know who’s using what to solve various problems and are excited for the next release of your favorite tool. 
  • You make the time to cheer and enjoy the ride.

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