Product Manager, Growth Titles

At EFG (ESL FaceIt Group), we aim to build a strong gaming community with a bold commitment to our corporate social responsibility belief that: “It’s not GG until it’s GG for all.” What is GG you may ask? Well, it’s the gamers’ way of saying “Good Game.” And we work hard everyday to achieve this. It is through a collective passion that we are able to shape esports, tournaments, and events that unite millions of players, fans, and heroes all over the world within our inclusive culture.

As a Product Manager at EFG, you are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in gaming. Our hierarchies are flat, and your ideas and opinions are constantly in demand. Each day will be met with complex and challenging tasks we are going to solve together. Quick decision-making allows us to create products&events which shape and define the nature of the esports and gaming market. We value team chemistry and teamwork above anything else, creating a friendly and fast-paced work environment.

As a Product Manager for Growth Titles you will be part of our Game Ecosystems team that is responsible for the development of new and creative ideas for ESL Faceit Group to work with game titles that are not part of the EFG portfolio yet, but show massive potential to contribute to the company’s goals and vision. You will support the game publisher team in building strong strategic proposals for successful partnerships with publisher around these promising game titles. Based on successful pitches, you will then be responsible for bringing these plans to life with the ambition to grow any new game

into a successful business over.

What you’ll do:

Development of new game title concepts&pitches:

● Identify growth titles (any game currently not in the EFG portfolio) and create ideas that align with EFG’s vision of creating worlds beyond gameplay;

● Support the game publisher team to build strategies and product visions for said interesting new game titles;

● Work with key stakeholders to turn those concepts into a pitch deck & business case proposal;

● Join key stakeholders in pitching the concept to the respective publisher;

Product management of newly onboarded game:

● Communicate and explain the product and its vision to all stakeholders internally and externally;

● Lead and inspire the team & people across all departments working on your product to create the best possible outcome;

● Day-to-day management of the product, making sure everyone is aligned and contributes to bringing the product life;

● Identify opportunities to improve the product quality, strategy, and business outcome together with key stakeholders across the product lifecycle;

● Responsible for gathering and prioritizing product requirements and ensuring that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals;

● Create timelines, deliverables, and goals for the product you are responsible for;

● Monitor product performance and customer feedback, mitigate potential risks, and solve problems / weaknesses occurring along the way;

● Collaborate with internal teams to create exciting brand and other monetization opportunities;

● Generate product reports and presentations with support from internal teams;


What you need:


● Great people skills & being a team player

● Curiosity and open-mindedness

● Ability to quickly learn and understanding complex structures / products

● Good communication skills

● Good understanding for how to build interesting content &concepts for gaming communities

● Passion for gaming and good understanding of a specific community, e.g. in Battle Royale and

FPS games

● Experience in developing strategic proposals and/or business cases

● Excellent organizational skills and the ability to carry out several tasks at the same time

● Ability to perform well under pressure

● English language skills, both spoken and written


● Braveness to push boundaries, to think big and to innovate

● Good storyteller

● Broad field of interests from arts to music to gaming to sports to literature, and more

● Experience with PowerPoint

● Experience in product management or roles tied to creating amazing gaming experiences

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