Senior Data Engineer

We’re looking for a technical leader who knows that the true mark of intelligence and experience is kindness, and the responsibility to use it to level up everyone around you.

You’ll be joining a small team of Data Engineers whose mission is to design, build & evolve a world-class data platform that serves as the backbone of every decision we make at EFG. This is a unique opportunity to shape the architecture and the tech execution patterns of a green field ecosystem. 



  • Serve as a leader in tech
    • Ask all the whys, relentlessly until you know your customer needs inside-out and know you’re designing the right solution to the problems and not the other way around.
    • Partner with our stakeholders and serve as an internal consultant to foster the adoption of our data platform.
    • You contribute to the technical strategy of the team, and its execution through prioritization, and delivery management.
    • Set high standards across documentation, testing, resiliency, monitoring, and code quality. Enforce these standards by holding your team accountable.
    • You drive towards efficiencies and look for ways to simplify code, infrastructure and data models across the platform.
    • Inspire, teach and guide your fellow team members; lead design sessions, be there for a code review, take ownership of operational processes.
  • Excel as Senior Engineer
    • Write well-rounded, reusable and documented code that captures the essential nature of the solution. 
    • Decompose ambiguous and open-ended problems into solutions composed of multiple tooling.
    • Construct complex architectures tying multiple services and SaaS tooling together, leveraging a strong understanding of a cloud-based stack (AWS, GCP). 
    • Drive towards efficiencies, lowering your cloud spend and tackling tech debt on a quarterly basis
  • Personify our DNA
    • Exemplify the values we live by. Nurture a blameless culture. Know and care for your team members; inspire, and guide them to be the best that they can be.
    • Be the heart-first, people-first tech lead everyone wants to be around, because you have invested in building relationships.


  • Architecture
    • You’ve participated in shaping the architecture of a mature data platform, designed for different consumer types, and providing quantifiable business value.
    • You’ve run PoCs, planned large migrations of data and code, and participated in planning a roadmap multiple times before.
  • Engineering Hands-On
    • You have hands-on experience in building resilient batch (Airflow, Fivetran) and streaming (Kafka, Kinesis, Dataflow) data pipelines at scale (> 1 TB/day)
    • You can advocate passionately for your tried-and-true best practices of CI/CD in data engineering (Github Actions, Jenkins)
    • You can build and maintain your own infrastructure through IaC (Terraform); you rely on DevOps expertise when needed
    • You have designed and implemented performant, reusable, and scalable data models (dbt) in cloud data warehouse (BigQuery, Snowflake)
    • You possess a comprehensive understanding of database design principles (star/snowflake schemas, data vault, normal forms) for effective and scalable data structures
    • You preach operational procedures from data and infrastructure observability (Monte Carlo, Datadog, Prometheus), alerting and incident management (PagerDuty,
    • You know SQL & Python like the back of your hand
  • Tech Leadership
    • You’ve served as a leader in technology in the past; you’ve made mistakes and learned from them.
    • You have interacted with a large community of stakeholders before; you understand the business use cases and can tailor your communication to ICs and Senior Management.


  • You like to have a good time while getting things done. When we say a “team player” we mean it – you have a crisp high-five and funny stories to tell. You have your team’s back, and the team has yours.
  • You love learning new things: You know that there’s always more to learn. You’re up-to-date on new trends in data – you know who’s using what to solve various problems and are excited for the next release of your favorite tool. 
  • Past experience in the Esports/Gaming/Betting/Events industry would be a great asset.
  • You make the time to cheer and enjoy the ride.

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