Senior Software Engineer – Frontend – Remote

At EFG (ESL FACEIT Group) we create worlds beyond gameplay, where players and fans become a community. We pride ourselves in having a corporate social responsibility which is that “IT’S NOT GG, UNTIL IT’S GG FOR ALL”.

Our passion, craft, and DNA are aligned to create and shape the world of esports, gaming tournaments, leagues, events, and holistic ecosystems through our millions of players, fans, and heroes, as well as through our people, and culture.


With more than 25m users playing 30m matches every month FACEIT is the leading competitive gaming platform. We provide gamers the best experience possible by making sure we are always on top of our tech – and continue to deliver industry-leading features to our already awesome platform.

The Team:

Our Frontend Developers take full responsibility for the entire SDLC and are currently working on some amazing new features. Our tech stack is based around React, Redux, TypeScript and Next.Js.

Our teams are divided into various business efforts that look after various products such as Community Integrity, Tournaments, Growth, Monetization, and many more, constantly evolving and improving our product offering. We also have a Frontend Platform team dedicated to our entire Frontend guild which looks after all the core aspects of our Frontend stack.  We’re always finding ways to improve across all our business effort teams and looking for like minded people who can bring new, exciting ideas to not only their team, but the entire Frontend community within EFG.


  • Building large-scale applications with React, Redux and Next.js;
  • Good demonstrable TypeScript experience;
  • Knowledge of React testing framework.
  • Experience with WebSockets and real-time messaging;
  • Desire to learn new technologies and frameworks;
  • Previous experience working on large complex applications;
  • A passion for video games and esports is a plus.

We would get especially excited if you have experience with the following:

  • Webpack
  • Attention to code quality and readability
  • Knowledge of optimisation strategies (i.e. code splitting, lazy loading, tree-shaking, caching, etc…)
  • Extensive experience and knowledge around best practices when it comes to testing. (Unit tests, e2e testing, etc…)
  • Knowledge of web best practices and Web Vitals metrics
  • Internationalization libraries (react-intl or react-i18next);
  • Monorepo familiarity, i.e. Nx, Lerna, Turborepo.
  • Previous experience with scalable architecture/systems serving thousands and millions of users seamlessly.
  • Development with Security awareness, being aware of the top ten OWASP attack vectors to protect from. I.e. XSS, CSRF etc…

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EFG owns a portfolio of brands in different categories. We are leading the industry with numerous online and offline competitions, digital platforms as well as gaming lifestyle festivals.