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WE create worlds beyond gameplay where players and fans become community

About EFG

At ESL FACEIT GROUP, we help gaming communities thrive by creating worlds beyond gameplay that unite players, fans, and creators around the esports and games they love.

Our brands build, connect and nurture beyond game ecosystems to unlock more fun, fame and fortune, for gamers across the globe.

Working with our developer, publisher, brand, and media partners, we deliver unique experiences that accelerate gaming culture and make gamer communities flourish.

True Global Impact

ESL FACEIT GROUP is the culmination of more than two decades of leading the esports and gaming scene. In that time our brands have driven esports and gaming forward, helping make esports the fastest growing entertainment choice on the planet.

As a group in 2021 we achieved:

* Accumulated EFG Statistics from 2021. Source: Newzoo & internal data.

Meet our Leading Brands

We create worlds where
everybody can be somebody

We create a world where
the community has the power to shape video games

We create worlds where
the gaming community comes to life

We create worlds where
traditional sports meet esports

Join the EFG family

At ESL FACEIT GROUP, we believe that it is beyond gameplay where the real action happens.
Where players, fans, and creators unite around the games they love to become community. And that’s what all of us here do every day – we create worlds beyond gameplay where players and fans become community.

We are brought together by a shared passion and drive to make gaming the most exciting form of entertainment in the universe. And to make the game GGFORALL, a good game for all. We are forging a path, with the tools to make something truly incredible for everybody, everywhere and we want you to join us on our mission!


Million Global Esports Fans, and Growing


The worlds biggest entertainment

Esports is the world’s leading entertainment industry. And it is still growing. With a steady global increase, it is becoming what every traditional sport strives to – young, global, digital and increasingly diverse.

Tapping into the 3 billion gamer target group

We are building on top of a large community of gamers, by complementing our efforts in esports with gaming lifestyle components in DreamHack for the 3 billion gamer target group, tapping into the wider gaming community while naturally expanding the reach of our esports activity for players, fans, and partners.

EFG is the culmination of more than two decades of innovating and leading the esports scene. All our brands have been instrumental in driving esports forward and making it the fastest growing entertainment choice on the planet.

225MFan reach *

675MContent hours watched *

3.7BNTotal online impressions *

* Statistics from 2021

Embrace the Gen Z and Y masses

Gen Z and Y make up 2/3 of consumers and is your key source of growth. EFG reaches these consumers through the biggest moments, tournaments and coompetitions, featuring the best teams and players. 

So jump on board, grasp your chance and let’s change the game forever.

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EFG owns a portfolio of brands in different categories. We are leading the industry with numerous online and offline competitions, digital platforms as well as gaming lifestyle festivals.