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Our passionate audience digitally engage with our brands as part of their gaming way of life.

A unique digital footprint built around our digital platforms, competitions and gaming festivals, across multiple highly engaging digital touchpoints.

Our passionate audience digitally engage with our brands as part of their gaming way of life. Drive awareness, brand recognition and conversion through our 1st party targeting methodology. Reach an audience that is at the heart of esports and gaming, and interact with the most passionate gamers and fans in the world.


They come to EFG to:


225M Subscribers, followers and viewers


3.8BN Impressions

522MHours watched of live and VOC content


EFG offers premium advertising products and an incredible reach among an emerging audience and market.

To effectively reach and engage with our users, we need to follow them wherever they go digitally across our brands. This includes our platform, social media channels, and broadcasts or VOD content. We also need to target gamers and esports fanatics at the right time, with the right message, in the right environment, and when they are most engaged. By doing so, we can create a seamless user experience that captures their attention and keeps them coming back for more.

Reaching Gamers and Esports Fanatics at:

  • the right time
  • with the right messagein the
  • right environment
  • at their most engaged

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EFG owns a portfolio of brands in different categories. We are leading the industry with numerous online and offline competitions, digital platforms as well as gaming lifestyle festivals.