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Copyright Policy

1. Purpose

Esports has flourished not at least thanks to content creators from dedicated communities across many different games.
At EFG we are committed to supporting the diverse and creative works of these creators.

This policy provides guidance on what EFG content can be utilized by community creators in which way.
Should you ever have any questions about the contents of this policy or whether your content meets this policy please reach out to us youtube@efg.gg with a sample of your work.

Our aim has always been to give frag movie creators, analysts, meme lords and all members of the communities we are engaged with the opportunity to add their own, unique voices.
However, as a content outlet we still need to ensure protection of our own content and that of our partners.


2. Fair Use

In numerous countries and jurisdictions, ‘Fair Use’ is a term that is used to describe a bundle of named exceptions that provide a person with the ability to use copyrighted material without asking the permission of the copyright holder. Different countries have different laws when it comes to determining what may or may not constitute ‘Fair Use’.

We at EFG encourage our fans and viewers to engage with us, but we do require that any use of any material we create is used or reproduced in a ‘Fair Use’ manner.

This means that creators generally need to add a significant amount of creative input to the content they wish to use. Such input can take on many different forms, but could include:
commentary, analysis, critique and parody (but this list is not exhaustive).
In these cases it is not necessary for content creators to reach out to license the utilized EFG content.

Contrarily, content that is replicating, re-uploading and/or repurposing EFG’s content without added value is not permitted. This includes re-streams of our official broadcasts as well as cut-downs of specific matchups or segments featured in these broadcasts.


3. Esports examples of content likely to be fair use:

  • Frag Movies and Machinimas cut from in-game content
    You use in-game cinematic content and your own machinima to elevate what happened during matches.
  • Analysis content
    You go deep into why a particular team won a particular match by showing our content.
  • Educational content and guides
    You think a Pro player did something special that the community should know about.
  • Meme compilations
    You think you’re funny enough to edit stuff in a way that makes people laugh.
  • Best of content
    You want to show the community what happened recently across the game and plan on using EFG’s content as a small portion of your video.


4. Commercialization rights

Any commercialization of content based on EFG’s broadcast material via sponsors or partners is strictly prohibited.
This includes but is not limited to: title sponsors, sponsor logos in thumbnails, sponsor inserts or burned-in ads in videos, sponsor links in the description or in a pinned comment in a video.

There are no exceptions to this rule and EFG reserves the right to take down or pursue legal action against anyone infringing upon commercialization rights of their content.


5. Further resources

Please be advised that re-streams of our official broadcasts, be they by EFG or one of EFG’s partners are NEVER permitted on any platform.
Creators interested in engaging with our English main broadcasts can apply to our co-streaming program costreaming@efg.gg .

If you are interested in licensing EFG content, you can find information about our media rights services HERE.

Should you have any further questions on the topic of digital video copyright at EFG please feel free to reach out to the team  youtube@efg.gg .


6. Legal disclaimer

Nothing within this webpage constitutes legal advice in any jurisdiction, nor is it meant to provide any form of legal education. If you seek legal advice on any of the information included within this page, you will need to contact a qualified lawyer who can answer any questions you may have.

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