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At EFG, we are the future of competitive gaming. We nurture the competitive spirit of a young, global, and passionate audience through innovative platforms, environments, and experiences.

With ESL FACEIT GROUP, we offer unique brand opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Your message will be seen by 225+ million esports fans worldwide, generating over 3.7 billion impressions.

Join us and become part of a vibrant and passionate community, creating a world beyond gameplay.

Our community don’t just come to us to watch our exceptional Livestream content, they congregate across our social media channels, to join in the buzz pre-event, sharing their best moments of a live tournament to dissecting the major moments after the competition is over.

This 15m+ strong vibrant community, form the bedrock of our social media channels across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and is the ideal enviroments to reach our user base when they are “in the moment”.

FaceITGaming Plattform:

FaceIT Gaming Platform:

  • Join the world’s largest competitive gaming platform, providing a vibrant and thriving community for gamers of all levels.
  • Connect with over 22 million registered players connecting and competing across PC, console, and mobile.
  • Become an integral part of the thriving gaming community

EFG Twitch Channels:

  • Engage with millions of viewers across 374 channels
  • Unleash your brand’s message with millions of organic impressions
  • Be in the spotlight of the esports world in front of our 16M followers

EFG YouTube Channels:

  • Showcase your brand to the esports and gaming audience
  • Reach millions of users via 277 channels with EFG exclusive content
  • Tap into 78.1M subscriber base for maximum impact

EFG Facebook Channels:

  • Conquer the global esports fanbase with 105 channels
  • Engage 16m+ followers with captivating content
  • Establish your brand as a force to be reckoned with

EFG Instagram Channels:

  • Connect with the mobile-first esports audience
  • Share exclusive behind-the-scenes content through 32 channels
  • Spark excitement and create an unforgettable brand experience

EFG Twitter Channels:

  • Tailor your brand’s voice to specific game audiences
  • Ignite conversations with 144 channels
  • Be at the center of the esports conversation

EFG TikTok Channels:

  • Ride the wave of the fastest-growing mobile platform
  • Reach a viral audience with 7 channels
  • Unleash your brand’s creativity and go viral

EFG Audience Extension:

  • Reach the global gaming and esports audience beyond streams and matches
  • Maximize brand exposure through customized activations
  • Elevate your brand’s visibility to new heights

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