ESL and Qwatti join forces to bridge the gap between sports and esports

The world’s largest esports company ESL is happy to announce that it has joined forces with Qwatti, an esports agency specialized in driving the convergence between the worlds of traditional sports and esports. This partnership is in line with ESL’s long-term commitment to bring both industries closer together.

As the esports industry continues to grow and expand to the traditional sports sector, the international market research firm Newzoo predicts that the global esports market will jump 41% this year, generating close to $700 million in revenue from various sources, ranging from merchandise and tickets sales to media rights and sponsorships. With the global number of esports enthusiasts reaching almost 200 million – out of which a great majority ar millennial men with large expendable income –  the esports ecosystem is an attractive place for brand interested in traditional sports and their audiences.

Qwatti’s position in the esports space, where they foster excellent relationships with many sports franchises, is helpful to the industry. With recently announced significant investments of traditional sports clubs and their owners into esports, this partnership is the first-of-its-kind agreement between a leading esports company and an agency with a sole focus on traditional sports, where the common goal is to cater to the needs of esports brands and companies interested in the world of sports, and sports franchises keen to get involved with esports.

Pedro Honório da Silva, Qwatti’s Executive Director said of the partnership: “We’re very excited at the opportunity to work with the world’s leading esports company, and are looking forward to joining forces on what we have in the pipeline. In our partnership with ESL, we will work on developing and delivering success market entry strategies for sports and esports companies that are interested in both spaces – a great array of projects for Qwatti that will bring us closer to our long-term growth and development targets.”’

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