ESL Pro League Launches First of its Type Player Council

Following the finalisation of the new ESL Pro League governance documentation at the end of 2020, the Pro League Commissioner formally launched their Player Council and has already hosted its first meeting.

The ESL Pro League’s Player Council is made up of a mix of active players and coaches from the 12 Member Teams in a ground-breaking forum. Set to meet at least four times a year, each Player Council Member will serve a two-year term (subject to any roster moves that might impact the balance of the Council), during which time they will have the opportunity to learn more about the business of Pro League, question and consult on matters relevant to them and ultimately redefine standards and expectations.

Speaking about the development, a first in the CS:GO ecosystem, Commissioner Alex Inglot outlined: “I come from a sport where players are baked in to the ownership of the tour, and so I am acutely aware of the need to integrate player views and priorities into what you offer fans. Having said that, I was also really intrigued to hear from the coaches in our first meeting: they are a great aggregator of player views, but also bring their own experience and perspective, making the Council discussions all the richer. If we treat this important group with respect, like investors, I am sure we can harness their interest, their passion for the game, their unique views and ensure that the Pro League remains the leading CS:GO league in the space, not just for them, but for the fans that love this game”.

Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality and member of the ESL Pro League Executive Board, added: “There is nothing more powerful than an engaged, focused and committed player. That is true on the server, but also off it. We really wanted to push the envelope in CS:GO and challenge this new Pro League project to set new standards for how we interact with those who compete on the server. They deserve a space within the structure of the League itself, not on the fringes, where we can foster better communication, understanding and collaboration. The Player Council is a sign of good faith intent on all our parts, and we will iterate it with the players’ and coaches’ input, to make sure it is fit for purpose and meets their needs. I am excited to see how they use it”.

Joonas “doto” Forss of ENCE, who will join the Player Council for its first term, closed: “Alex made the effort to speak to us before this whole Council was launched, to get our views and feedback on how this initiative could work best. I for one really appreciated that. I am sure not everything is perfect, and that things will evolve in the first year or two, but at least we will be at the heart of that, guiding that evolution. A whole new forum for us, where each team has a seat and voice, to bring our ideas and concerns to management, to the leadership, with already developed mechanisms to bring items to a proper Pro League Members vote: that is encouraging to me. The first meeting already gave us a flavour of what we can expect: it is refreshing to be on the inside and trusted!”


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