ESL delivers nearly one in every four hours of organizer esports content consumed on Twitch

Over the course of the past ten months (August 2015-May 2016), fans of competitive gaming consumed a total of 803.7 million hours of esports content on the online streaming platform, Twitch – for which ESL broadcasts were a main contributor. According to data from Newzoo, the world’s largest esports company dominates Twitch with the delivery of 23% of all the organizer esports content consumed on the platform.

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The top three recorded months across this time period record large spikes from major ESL competition: ESL One Cologne in August 2015, ESL One New York in October 2015, and Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice in March 2016. A breakdown of the months and hours watched can be seen here:

  • ESL One New York contributing to a total of 123.8 million hours watched in October
  • ESL One Cologne constituting the main bulk (29%) of the 110.5 million esports hours watched in that month
  • Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice, the industry’s most-watched esports event of all time, provided the majority share (20%) of the total of 94.8 million esports hours watched in March

For more information regarding the breakdown of content, please visit Newzoo’s website.

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