ESL leadership reinforcement combines unparalleled esports experience with business excellence

ESL, the world’s largest independent esports company, today announces strategic adjustments to its executive team. A new, dual leadership approach at CEO level, plus a new COO with eight years of expertise in executing international esports experiences reinforce the executive board.

Ralf Reichert, the Founder and CEO of ESL, will share the CEO position with David Neichel as Co-CEO. The dual leadership allows Ralf with his 20 years of esports experience to focus on the ESL vision and strategy to be the #1 partner in esports, continuing to deliver great ESL product and brand experiences that excite the growing fan base, and to establish esports as the largest, most attractive sports in the world.

David Neichel, who joined ESL in 2017 as COO, steps up as Co-CEO, managing internal leadership and business excellence. He acquired profound entertainment experience at Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Canal Plus. David will continue to drive high-quality product delivery for fans, manage key revenue streams, develop departments and talent within the organization, and strengthen the global footprint of ESL.

Krzysztof Pikiewicz is being promoted from Senior Vice President of Esports Services to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Krzysztof joined ESL in 2010, managed ESL Poland and developed local operations to a level at which he has been scaling up esports services globally during 18 months as SVP. In his new position, Krzysztof looks after production and all of ESL’s international operations.

The leadership adjustment provides reinforcements at our critical positions in a most effective fashion: esports leadership and business excellence can now operate in perfect balance, while production and international operations are led by a proven expert who comes from within ESL. All other executive positions remain unchanged and offer an ideal blend of expertise coming from inside and outside ESL:

• Leif Arne Anders joined in June 2018 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
• Rodrigo Samwell will remain Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
• Sebastian Weishaar will remain Chief Product Officer (CPO).
• Craig Levine will remain Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).
• Yvette Rea-Martinez will remain Chief Operating Officer (CEO) for ESL USA.

ESL has its focus in creating immersive end-to-end experiences around games, platforms, tournaments and leagues, and brings together esports enthusiasts, gamers, publishers and strategic brand partners. The leadership team is very excited to continue to grow the ESL brand and take ESL as well as esports and the entire ecosystem to the next level.

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