ESL, Intel and NSE launches professional development initiative

Offering UK students a unique leadership programme designed to enhance their careers

The initiative builds on the successful partnership, forged in 2018 between Intel and ESL, to identify the next outstanding esports commentator. Now Intel and ESL have teamed up with National Student Esports (NSE) to offer the next Intel FutureGen programme, specifically designed to identify esports talent amongst students studying at UK universities.

Intel FutureGen will offer successful applicants invaluable experience with unparalleled access to leading industry figures. The initiative will complement the cohort’s degree and is designed to equip them with additional skills.

“There is an incredible breadth of talent on campuses up and down the country, and we are particularly excited to work on the next FutureGen programme with Intel and NSE to harness and develop these skills,” said Heather Dower, ESL’s Marketing and Communication Manager. “This year we will be opening up this process to as many students as possible in order to celebrate their successes.”

In late September, students will be able to apply for one of ten places offered by the Intel FutureGen programme. The process will consist of a written application and a short video that a panel of industry experts will use to whittle the applications down to ten.

Scott Gillingham, UK Gaming and esports Lead at Intel UK, said: “Here at Intel we have always been committed to the future of esports and that means supporting the industry from the ground up, engaging with grass roots leagues and nurturing new talent. Esports talent isn’t just limited to players which is why, following a successful programme in 2018, Intel is proud to launch Intel FutureGen for 2019 with NSE and ESL. We wanted to go bigger and better this year so that we can continue to support talent at a university level and provide opportunities for young people with aspirations in esports.”

The FutureGen cohort will have the opportunity for hands on experiences with development events hosted by NSE and Intel, and finally at an ESL esports event. They are spaced evenly throughout their second term of university, designed specifically to fit around their degree studies.

By the end of May 2020, the cohort will have enhanced skills and will be further informed about their future career choices. They will also benefit from a unique experience that is not offered anywhere else.

“It’s true that academic study is important in the development and demonstration of skills critical to employment. However, it is a minority of students that graduate with a clear vision of what they want to be doing five, ten, fifteen years into the future. Through FutureGen, we can help exceptional students explore their future aspirations by bringing industry learnings into direct adjacency with our collective passion: esports!” said Jon Tilbury, Executive Director of NSE.

All activity builds on the successful partnership forged between Intel and ESL during the first FutureGen programme in 2018. Last year’s winner, TJ Phillips, benefited from a unique experience that enabled him to conduct all social media interviews at EGX 2018 as well as hosting an esports broadcast dedicated to the competition. This year’s FutureGen programme promises to be bigger and better, opening up opportunities to more students looking to develop their skills and maximise their career prospects.

Applications will be open to all students studying full-time at UK universities, but not restricted to those playing in NSE. Applications will be open from Friday 27th September 2019 and can be made through a dedicated hub on the NSE website at

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