20 Years of Change

2010 – Another milestone as ESL celebrated 3 million members! The last season of the ESL European National Championship concluded in Cologne, with team United Kingdom clinching the victory over team Denmark. Old-school players such as HenryG, shox, and RpK were already making waves back then in the Counter-Strike: Source tournaments.

ESL released a new generation of Anti-Cheat technology called Wire Anti-Cheat, replacing the previous Aequitas. These new drivers could easily find more than 1.000 Ring0- and Ring3-Cheats and could also find and highlight suspicious software in addition to the specific detection routines. 

This new Anti-Cheat was implemented to protect the integrity of ESL tournaments, and 57 users were caught using cheats in different games such as  Counter-Strike: Source,  Counter-Strike 1.6 and Modern Warfare 2. These cheaters were all given a two-year ban from ESL.

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