“DreamHack Day” Celebrates the Gaming Community With a Refreshed Brand and Online Anniversary Activities

“DreamHack Day” has always been a celebration of the company’s early beginnings in 1994 — 26 years since a gathering of friends and their computers in a school cafeteria with no online access has grown into a beacon of internet culture, and a gathering place for gamers worldwide.  

On this day each year, we take the opportunity to reflect on the DreamHack experience while also looking ahead to the next year of events and festivals. While we do plan to share 2021 event information soon, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our community for supporting us through this challenging pandemic. To that end, today we are unveiling an updated brand focused around that same community.

The new look reflects the company’s evolution into a global destination for immersive, gaming lifestyle experiences where the community comes to life. Featuring a reinvigorated  logo, dynamic color palette, bold typeface, and energized graphics, the refreshed brand pays homage to DreamHack’s heritage while also representing the extraordinary things that happen when the gaming community comes together.

Shahin Zarrabi, VP Brand and Corporate Marketing at ESL Gaming: “Gaming culture transforms at an incredible pace and meeting the demands of the increasingly diverse community while delivering a consistently premium experience is absolutely critical. As a leader in the gaming industry, you have to grow with your community, so that everyone can truly be themselves. But being yourself means being true to your heritage while aspiring to a better more vibrant embodiment – that is the personification of DreamHack. That is why we underwent our own momentous brand refresh, so we could stay true to our community and ourselves as a brand.

In a year characterized by pandemic disruptions, the pause in events provided the ultimate moment for reflection and recalibration as we approached the brand refresh. We chose to put the spotlight on our community’s legacy while providing a blue-print for the roll-out of more successful events around the world in the years to come. As the legion of gamers continues to grow exponentially, evolving and diversifying gaming culture while turbocharging the community, celebrating this immense energy is essential. That’s why DreamHack is launching an 8-week campaign across social platforms, promising a thematic journey through the quarter-century evolution that led us to this moment. We are proud of what our gaming community has achieved so far – and excited for the next chapter.”

We have also chosen to use this day to announce that fans can also look forward to being a part of an online celebration of 8 Weeks of DreamHack on social media, an opportunity to reflect and revel in the beloved DreamHack experience. Beginning on December 14, some highlights and activities to look forward to will include:
  • Dec 14-20: Retrospective of BYOC through the years; Showcase of some of the greatest case mods at festivals
  • Dec 21-27: Live Q&A with members of the DreamHack crew
  • Dec 23-Jan 3: Best of Main Stage, including Fashion Show highlights, music performance highlights, and more
  • Jan 4-10: Cosplay Hall of Fame; Q&A with Cosplay experts
  • Jan 11-17: Coolest Venue Contest; Facts and background about DreamHack cities
  • Jan 18-24: Q&A with key people at DreamHack; DreamHack Plays live with staff
  • Jan 25-31: Top moments of DreamHack esports events; History of Dreamhack esports
  • Feb 1-7: Focus on DreamHack’s community
DreamHack is committed to being an arena where our community can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be themselves through the gaming lifestyle experience. We will always be a global destination for all — whether online, offline, or both — and we can’t wait to share this all with you in 2021!

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