The Best Is Yet to Come

This month, we proudly celebrated 20 years of ESL Gaming. When it all began, the year was 2000, which marked the beginning of the new millennium with headlines circling about the first-ever resident crew on the International Space Station, the dreaded Y2K bug, the bursting of the bubble, the Sydney Summer Olympics, and more.

However, the biggest news — at least within the emerging esports world — was, of course, the foundation of Turtle Entertainment and the launch of what would eventually become the ESL brand. 

Happy anniversary to all of us, and thank you to all who have supported us through the years, whether as partners or fans, employees or visitors. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Speaking of anniversaries, DreamHack celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, and the company will continue to celebrate its roots, as it does each year, on December 9 for “DreamHack Day.” DreamHack Day has always been a celebration of the company’s early beginnings in 1994 — a gathering of friends and their computers in a school cafeteria with no online access has grown into a beacon of internet culture, and a gathering place for gamers worldwide.  Be sure to check back for details!

We’re not only celebrating anniversaries as we close 2020, but we’re also celebrating some of our own who have been recognized with various awards. Join us in applauding the following:

  • Last month, Cynopsis Esports held its annual Tempest Esports Business Awards, held during the 2020 Esports Business Summit.  A top honor was given to DreamHack President Marcus Lindmark as he was inducted into the esports Hall of Fame for his many years of dedication and impact on the esports industry. Did you know he started with DreamHack as a volunteer?
  • At the same awards ceremony, ESL Gaming Chief Marketing Officer and Interim Chief Commercial Officer Rodrigo Samwell was honored as Marketer of the Year
  • ESL Mobile Open was awarded for being the Top Mobile Gaming Event
  • AT&T‘s presence at DreamHack Atlanta was named Best Non-Endemic Brand Activation.
  • Earlier this month, Anna Nordlander, a long-time employee of DreamHack who held the position of Chief Operating Officer prior to the merger with ESL, was inducted into the Esports Insider Hall of Fame during ESI Digital Winter 2020. For those who don’t know, Anna was a professional gamer prior to her work with DreamHack and ESL, so her impact in the industry has been unique and strong.
  • The Esports Awards  also gave a high honor to ESL Gaming Co-CEO Craig Levine, who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his long-lasting and steadfast dedication to the esports industry.
  • In addition, IEM Katowice 2020, one of ESL Gaming’s staple events, received a nomination in the Best Esports Event category for The Game Awards.

While we love celebrating the past 20 years, we also love planning ahead for the 20+ years yet to come. Certainly, 2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year for us all. While many uncertainties remain as we head into 2021, one thing remains constant — creating the best gaming lifestyle experiences, and the most professional and legendary competitive experiences for players and fans alike, are at the heart of both ESL and DreamHack. Together as ESL Gaming, we will continue to bring the best products and experiences possible.

Stay with us on this blog as we feature stories of this industry through the lens of our own  extensive knowledge and experience. 

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Thanks for celebrating with us!

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