DreamHack Announces Nominees and Initial Talent for “The dreamies” awards show Friday, April 30


 Nominees Spread Across 30 Gaming and Community Categories

The Ultimate Celebration of Gaming, This Year’s Show Debuts Virtually

on April 30, Streaming Live Worldwide on Twitch and YouTube  

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s “The Last of Us Part II” Scores Seven Nods; “Hades” and “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” Receives Six Nods

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COLOGNE/STOCKHOLM/NEW YORK — DreamHack, the immersive, gaming lifestyle experience where the gaming community comes to life, has announced the full list of nominees and initial talent confirmed at the second annual “The Dreamies” Award Show, presented by iam8bit. The event will be streamed live via Twitch and YouTube globally on Friday, April 30, 2021.

With 20 gaming categories and 10 community categories, gamers will understand and connect with, “The Dreamies” not only rewards 2020’s games with the most impressive visuals, development and design, but also celebrates all the reasons games are played. This year’s games with the most nominations include “The Last of Us Part II” by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment (7 nominations); “Hades” and “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” (6 nominations); and “DOOM Eternal”,  “Risk of Rain 2”, “Spelunky 2”, “Spiritfarer” (5 nominations each).  Additional details on main categories below.

“With all that’s going on in the world, DreamHack felt it was crucial to not only to build upon the success of last year’s fun-filled inaugural Dreamies, but to also celebrate 2020’s best of gaming and our community in the most inclusive, immediate way possible,“ said Justin Burnham, Vice President of Creative for DreamHack. “What better way is there to do this than to livestream ‘The Dreamies’ on our Twitch and YouTube channels — which creates ma ust-watch programming event inviting everyone to join the gaming community.”


Featuring Faces of the New G4 (under construction — not the faces, the network), three entertainment acts and additional talent will be announced. Talent currently scheduled to appear on “The Dreamies” Award Show includes:

Earlier this year, the public helped submit nominations for “The Dreamies’” community categories online (dreamhack.com/dreamies). Fans will also be able to vote on their favorite community nominees, which affords an opportunity to have their voice heard when deciding on winners. Fans will be able to vote in a series of polls on DreamHack’s Twitter as the show approaches. In addition, a judges panel will vote to determine the winners of the 20 gaming categories.

Main Awards Categories

  • Mind Melting
    • Awarded to the most mind blowing of video games
  • Wait Worthy
    • Awarded to the best game that made us wait a bit for release
  • Satisfying Sequel
    • Goes to the best sequel, bonus points if it beats the original
  • Innovative Ideas
    • Goes to the game that did something new and refreshing (AND made it work)
  • Remarkably Replayable
    • Awarded to the game that we just couldn’t stop playing again and again
  • Early Engagement
    • For the best early access game (otherwise known as released but expect some bugs)
  • Refreshing Revive
    • For the best remaster and/or remake out there
  • Daringly Dramatic
    • This goes to the game that caused the biggest reaction and discussion in the community
  • Ultimate Update
    • Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics, especially when they come with updates 
  • Captivating Co-op
    • Recognizing the game that makes you actually accept that party invite request
  • Adrenalized Action
    • Adrenaline. Explosions. Non stop fighting. Whether delivered by swords, tanks, or covert agents, these games deliver all the action
  • Hilarious Humor
    • Awarded to the best game that just makes you laugh
  • Absolutely Adorable
    • For the games that are cuter than puppies. Or ones that have in game puppies. That works too
  • Rage Ready
    • Beware anything fragile in the area, these games result in pure rage that could be dangerous for them!
  • Luscious Loot
    • Awarded to the best looter of the lot with the greatest bounties to be found
  • Hellish Horror
    • For the game that deprives us of the most sleep
  • Compelling Character
    • For the fictional creations t-hat impressed us the most
  • Awesome Audio
    • Recognizing the games with a soundtrack that just can’t be beat
  • Heavy Horsepower
    • Rev those engines, trim the sails, or saddle up in these transportation driven titles
  • Emotionally Explosive
    • For the game that made you feel something. What that something is… well that’s flexible

* * *


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