Prepping Talent to Ensure the Most Entertaining Productions

Although ESL Gaming is the world’s largest independent esports operator and content producer, we understand the importance of customizing each production to enhance the gaming experience. One way we accomplish this is by ensuring the talent we hire is knowledgeable and passionate about the game. Often in esports, there is a narrow focus on gameplay and competitive matchups when, in reality, the success of esports goes beyond the competition. It is about creating impactful, emotional and knowledgeable content. Sometimes in our haste to show the action, we  — as tournament organizers, broadcasters, translators and more — miss the opportunity to prepare our talent and behind-the-scenes operators to capture those moments.

At ESL Gaming, we have found our best productions include fully-prepared talent and teams. We ensure our talent has the best tools and information about the esports competition and broadcast to deliver meaningful stories and content. Whether the broadcast is from the U.S., Poland, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, or Australia, we are able to provide the tools for talent to execute from all over the world. This starts early with briefing packets, pre-event surveys, creative planning sessions with talent and staff, broadcast rehearsals, and even local language talent and translators at each broadcast. Combined, this allows each member of the gaming community to be represented and able to engage within the community.

“To ensure the most entertaining production, it is crucial our talent is informed and coached to enable them to do the best show possible. Our cultivated and tested best practices for talent management include making sure the on-air team is fully prepared so they can deliver those unforgettable moments.”
Ian Atkinson
SVP Publisher Relations

As the competition progresses, we revise our creative approach accordingly, find new storylines for the matches, and give talent the voice to build something great.  Ultimately, it is paramount that talent is fully aligned with the viewers and fans to create the best gaming experience possible. 

"Telling great stories relies on having the best information. A well-prepared broadcast team takes a show from just talking about what is happening on the screen, to telling us why it is happening, and why we as fans should care."
Paul Todkill
Product Manager and Host

After each production, ESL uses a post-mortem call to review best practices, and to find new ways to get the most out of talent in subsequent events. All of this helps us understand what worked well, and what could be built upon to ensure continued success and continuity within every event.  

With more than 20 years of experience working with talent in the gaming community we are building lasting relationships within the gaming talent community. If you and your team are looking for better ways to get the best out of your talent, please reach out to ESL Gaming.

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