DreamHack Embraces the Unreal Editor for Fortnite with New Fortnite Islands for DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Summer

DreamHack Embraces the Unreal Editor for Fortnite with New Fortnite Islands for DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Summer

DreamHack partners with two established Fortnite Creative studios, 404 Creative and Vysena, to release its first-ever bespoke Fortnite experiences
Offering DreamHack fans a unique experience to play alongside MrSavage and Clix at the festival
Available to play at DreamHack Dallas (June 2-4) and DreamHack Summer (June 16-18) and to play from home using the map codes in Fortnite Creative

STOCKHOLM: DreamHack, an ESL FACEIT Group brand, is partnering with two established Fortnite Creator studios, 404 Creative and Vysena Studios, to release its first-ever bespoke Fortnite islands and game modes. 

Titled Cyber Sprint and Cube Push Payload, these all-new islands have been built using Epic Games’ newly launched Unreal Editor Fortnite (UEFN), a toolset allowing anyone to build their own creations using Unreal Engine tools and publish to Fortnite’s player base. DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Summer attendees will have the opportunity to try these new Fortnite experiences alongside popular creators like MrSavage and Clix.

As the first creations for DreamHack in UEFN, these games have been built to provide a unique gameplay experience that players and content creators worldwide enjoy. Initial details of the two experiences are as follows:

Cyber Sprint – A speedrun time trial created in collaboration with 404 Creative 

Set up as either a solo time trial speedrun or a 1v1 speedrun, players will embark on an exhilarating journey aboard a besieged spaceship, where extraterrestrial intruders lurk around every corner. The ultimate objective is to break free from alien clutches by sprinting through the winding corridors, dodging obstacles that stand in the way. Players must then pass a heavily guarded door, eliminating the alien guards in the process. Link to play. Island code: 3228-1881-6590

Cube Push – A competitive game created in collaboration with Vysena Studios

Two teams will try to bring their payload to the other side of the map on a predefined track by standing on its surrounding platform while the enemy team attempts to do the same. The track is divided into five different sections, offering different challenges and twists to their game, requiring them to be strategic when using builds or attempting to defeat regularly spawning bosses to receive an extra boost for their team. Link to play. Island code: 9278-6553-7976

Fans will be able to play the maps at DreamHack Dallas (June 2-4), DreamHack Summer (June 16-18), and from home using the map codes in Fortnite (Island  code Cyber Sprint:  3228-1881-6590, Island code Cube Push: 9278-6553-7976). Currently in Beta, players are encouraged to feed back on the experiences ahead of the full launch.

DreamHack Dallas will be taking place at the Key Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Texas on June 2-4, 2023. Tickets start at $35 for a single day and $99 for three-day access, more information is available at https://dreamhack.com/dallas/tickets

DreamHack Summer will be taking place at the Elmia Congress Center in Jönköping, Sweden across three-days on June 16-18 (LAN June 16-19), 2023. Tickets start at 169 SEK for a single day and 449 SEK for three-day access, with more information available at https://dreamhack.com/summer/tickets

Two of the most popular content creators and pro players in the Fortnite community, MrSavage and Clix, will be supporting the DreamHack UEFN launch at DreamHack Dallas by live-streaming both maps and giving fans the opportunity to interact with them directly. Fans attending DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Summer will not only have a chance to play with some of their idols on ‘The Pyramid’, but DreamHack is providing the unique opportunity for fans to meet the map developers in person and give them their direct feedback when they are trying out the maps in the freeplay area. Players watching from home can enjoy a showmatch between pro players on the Sunday (June 4th for DreamHack Dallas, June 18th for DreamHack Summer) before the DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite Zero Build tournament finals or simply tune in to the streams of MrSavage and Clix during the weekend for a chance to play with them.

We’re extremely excited to get started with UEFN and test the incredible toolset it offers to creators all over the world to build the future of social entertainment experiences,” said Brian Krämer, Sr. Director of Game Ecosystems at EFG.This is just the beginning for us and fans can be excited for more to come!”.

Watch the announcement video on here. 

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This is an independently created Fortnite experience and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or otherwise associated with, Epic Games, Inc. The information players provide in connection with this experience is being provided to the event organiser and not Epic Games, Inc. 

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