Everything you need to know about the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season Event, hosted at Gamers8 sponsored by Aramco

ESL R1 returns on July 27-30, 2023, for a thrilling Mid-Season event, hosted at Gamers8 sponsored by Aramco, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
48 drivers from 12 teams, including Team Redline, G2 Esports, and Heroic, will all compete across the four days.
A staggering $1,000,000 is for the taking, as some of the world’s best virtual racing drivers fight for the top spot.

Monday, July 24, 2023, New York/Cologne/Riyadh – The ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season Event is set to take place on July 27-30 and will be hosted at Gamers8 sponsored by Aramco in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fans across the globe can tune in and watch the action take place in real-time as 48 of the world’s best virtual racing drivers across 12 different teams will be competing to take home a share of the jaw-dropping $1,000,000 prize pool.

Here is all you need to know about the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season Event:

The competition continues with the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season event across four exhilarating days. As the 48 drivers come head-to-head in a series of RENNSPORT races, in the hopes of taking home a stake of the $1,000,000 prize pool.

Amongst the competitors, the tournament is set to see ESL R1 2023 Spring Season winner Marcell Csincsik from R8G eSports compete alongside other legendary drivers, including Team Redline’s Luke Bennet and Mercedes-AMG’s James Baldwin.

Schedule and Format:

The ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season event will feature two two-day Championships, beginning with the Driver Championship, before ending with the Team Championship. Viewers and attendees can expect to see high-octane racing across some of RENNSPORT’s most notable tracks, including Spa, Nürburgring, Hockenhiem, and Monza. 

Across the Championships, the drivers and teams will be narrowed down on the first day, resulting in the highest ranking competing against one another. Each championship will come to a thrilling conclusion with Finalist Mode, where the first to hit the allocated points needed and win a race will claim the first prize.

Driver Championship:

Day 1:

  • Group Stage
    • 48 Drivers
    • 8 Races

Day 2:

  • Finalist Mode
    • Top 12 Drivers from the Group Stage
    • Open-ended races
    • 80 points needed to reach Finalist Mode, plus a first-place victory to win

Team Championship:

Day 3:

  • Group Stage
    • 12 Teams
    • 8 Races

Day 4:

  • Finalist Mode
    • Top 6 Teams from the Group Stage
    • Open-ended races
    • 150 points needed to reach Finalist Mode, plus a first-place victory to win.

ESL R1 2023 Mid Season event confirmed teams and drivers:

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team

  1. James Baldwin
  2. Bono Huis
  3. Marko Pejić
  4. Graham Carroll

Porsche Coanda

  1. Joshua Rogers
  2. Mitchell deJong
  3. Dayne Warren
  4. Mack Bakkum

BMW M Team BS+Competition

  1. Ryan “Ryan” Barneveld
  2. Ferris “Ferris” Stanley
  3. Ibraheem “ibrah” Khan
  4. Pedro “BMWPedro” Sanchez

FaZe Clan

  1. Ian “Crimsix” Porter
  2. Cem Bolukbasi
  3. Gianmarco Fiduci
  4. Ulas Ozyildirim


  1. Caique “Oliveira” Oliveira
  2. Gustavo “Ariel” Ariel
  3. Lasse “Sørensen” Sørensen
  4. Lasse “Bak” Bak

G2 Esports

  1. Joni “Joni”  Törmälä
  2. Frederik “Frede” Rasmussen
  3. Sebastian “Sebi” Job
  4. Isaac “Isaac” Price


  1. Tommy Østgaard
  2. Mikkel Gade
  3. Tuomas Tähtelä
  4. Oskar Biksrud


  1. Maximilian Benecke
  2. Moritz Löhner
  3. Patrik Holzmann
  4. Yuri Kasdorp

Team Redline

  1. Luke Bennett
  2. Kevin Siggy
  3. Jeffrey Rietveld
  4. Enzo Bonito

R8G eSports

  1. Marcell Csincsik
  2. Erhan Jajovski
  3. Jiri Toman
  4. Thibault Cazaubon

Mercedes-AMG Williams Esports Team

  1. Dáire McCormack
  2. Jack Keithley
  3. Daniel Pásztor
  4. Kuba Brzeziński

Apex Racing Team

  1. Peter “Pete Berryman” Berryman
  2. Kevin “Kev” Ellis, Jr.
  3. Jamie “Jamie” Fluke
  4. Yohann “Yohann” Harth

Broadcast talents

  • Stage Host: Barney “BANKS” Banks
    • British presenter, famously known for being Rainbow Six Siege host.
  • Desk host: Jasmine “Veracity” Kanuga.
    • British presenter, commonly known for being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive host.
  • Expert: Jaroslav “Jardier” Honzik
    • A popular virtual racing YouTuber from the Czech Republic, who is also an YAS HEAT Ambassador of Abu Dhabi and YAS Marina Circuit.
  • Pit Lane Rep: Rory “EERIEISSSS” Alexander
    • A popular British virtual racing YouTuber and Streamer, covering a variety of titles.
  • Caster: Lewis McGlade
    • An award-winning virtual racing commentator from the United Kingdom, previously covering events such as ESL R1, Le Mans Virtual, and RaceSpot TV.
  • Caster: George Morgan
    • The lead commentator for GT Sport Organización, FRECA, F1 Esports, and ESL R1.
  • Caster: Arjuna Kankipati
    • Co-founder of the virtual racing team Artifact Racing and broadcaster for RaceSpot TV.
  • Caster: Ewan O’Leary
    • British commentator known for events such as ESL R1, RaceSpot TV, and VCO Esports.

Prize pool:

The total prize pool of $1,000,000 for the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season tournament will be distributed across the top 12 drivers and top 6 teams: 

Driver Championship
PlacePrize money
1st $100,000
13th – 24th
Team Championship
PlacePrize money
1st $250,000
7th – 12th

Apart from the $1,000,000 prize pool for both Championships, the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season Event also features Merit Awards, part of a separate prize pool to recognize top level competitors and more across all Gamers8 titles.

Merit Awards
AwardPrize money
Most Creative Fans$50,000
Best Team Content$50,000
Fastest Lap #1 Monza$10,000
Fastest Lap #2 Spa$10,000
Fastest Lap #3 Hockenheimring$10,000
Fastest Lap #4 Nürburgring$10,000

Broadcast details:

The ESL R1 Mid-Season will be streamed live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the official ESL R1 Twitch and YouTube channels and on the official Gamers8 channels, including Twitch and YouTube.

Photos of the ESL R1 2023 Spring Major that took place in Munich, Germany, can be found here

For more information about the ESL R1 2023 Mid-Season event you can check out the official trailer, head to the official Gamers8 website, follow Gamers8 Esports on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and follow ESL R1 on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.


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“Gamers8: The Land of Heroes” follows the success of last year’s Gamers8 at Boulevard Riyadh City. Gamers8 2022 saw the world’s best teams and players battle it out across five top titles – Rocket League, Dota 2 Riyadh Masters, Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG Mobile – for a prize pool of $15million. The 2022 event was visited by more than 1.4 million visitors and watched by more than 132 million people around the globe. A total of 391 professional players – representing more than 61 nationalities – and 113 international teams took part in the world-class esports competitions. 

Gamers8: The Land of Heroes has a total prize pool of $45 million – more than double last year’s grand prize total – and will host the elite of esports in a state of the art, purpose-built venue at Boulevard Riyadh City. The festival will conclude with a gaming and esports forum, known as “The Next World Forum”, that brings together sector leaders and experts from around the world. 

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